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MY Revelry underway mid season, polaris yacht supply

Recently we have noticed an emerging trend amongst our clients across the industry which focusses on the wellbeing of the crew onboard. Whether that's swapping out heavier products for lightweight versions, updating old equipment to newer, lower maintenance equipment or changing your washdown soaps to more eco-friendly alternatives, we have rounded up our Top 5 Products For Your Deck Crew that centres on this emerging trend


Are you tired of constantly moving your heavy stainless steel swim ladder during the guest set up and pack down? We have the solution for you!

Our Carbon Fibre Swim Ladders weigh as little as 15kg and are fabricated from 2x2 twill carbon fibre. Each carbon swim ladder has CNC machined 316L stainless steel fittings along with teak steps and a clear coat finish, offering excellent durability and eye catching aesthetics.

Carbon fibre swim ladder, polaris yacht supply

Our Carbon Fibre Swim Ladders really are the best solution for your swim platform or shell door.



Our Tender Mooring Whips have been tried and tested on countless superyachts worldwide.

They are fabricated from glass fibre and available in either 4.2m or 4.8m lengths depending on the size of your tender. Within our range we also offer flush bases for a permanent installation onboard or our stanchion whip mounts and fender whip hooks for a semi-permanent solution. We don't currently offer carbon fibre versions as we have found that they are too stiff and can break without warning, causing a hazard to both yacht crew and guests onboard.

Tender mooring whips, tender whips, mooring whips, polaris yacht supply

If you are after a turn-key solution, we offer our Tender Mooring Whips in a kit which includes all the components you need to operate the Tender Mooring Whips effectively and efficiently.



Ecoworks Marine manufactures a range of washdown soaps and detailing sprays that are environmentally friendly and pH neutral.

Ecoworks Marine Yacht Wash is a VOC free, pH neutral washdown soap that utilises a formula with naturally derived ingredients, offering a low foaming solution for marine life protection.

A clean boat and a clean environmental footprint with Ecoworks Marine Yacht Wash what's not to like?



Bespoke Fender Hooks that are expertly crafted to fit your cap rail or bulwark.

Our Fender Hooks are manufactured in the UK and utilise a 316L stainless steel core for stability and rigidity, whilst an outer layer of hard-wearing leather is used for increased durability and performance. To protect your brightwork from wear and tear whilst in use, we use natural shearling (sheepskin) on the underside.

Fender hooks, superyacht fender hooks, fender saddles, polaris yacht supply

Our Fender Hooks are available in a multitude of colours and all manner of shapes and sizes, they really will transform your mooring operations.



The safest and most efficient way to lift your jet skis onboard

Our Jet Ski Lifting Kits utilise a single-point attachment specifically designed for yacht cranes, along with four easy-to-attach quick release fittings. It's with these quick release fittings that allow this lifting kit to operate like no other on the market. Plus they can easily be retrofitted onboard and have a SWL (safe working load) of 700kg!

Jet ski lifting kit, jet ski, lifting kit, polaris yacht supply

"They are a game changer for our operation. Especially because of the speed at which we need to launch/ recover" - Chief Officer, MY Madsummer


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