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Bespoke leather Fender Hooks manufactured to fit your cap rail or bulwark. 

Our superyacht Fender Hooks are manufactured from 316 stainless steel with natural shearling on the underside to protect the bulwark or cap rail from chafe. The upper side of the Fender Hook is covered in maintenance free leather, available in a variety of colours. Unlike other leather's used in the marine industry, our marine-grade leather used does not leak when wet, allowing us to use a variety of colours. 

Each Fender Hook uses premium 316 stainless steel fittings with a mirror polished finish. Anodised finishes are available on request.

Do you need new

Fender Hooks? 

Fender hook.jpeg
Superyacht fender hooks, fender hooks, fender saddles

Or would you like to refurbish your current set?


Please contact us for a templating kit. This is required prior to manufacturing to ensure that each Fender Hook securely fits your bulwark or cap rail. 

Alternatively, one of our team can visit the yacht to discuss further options. 


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