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Superyacht carbon fibre swim ladder


Fastlock system - carbon fibre swim ladder

Lets start with the obvious question, why have a carbon fibre swim ladder onboard? The vast majority of superyachts have swim ladders of some type, yet most of them are fabricated from stainless steel and not carbon fibre.

Why? Well stainless steel has few benefits like cost, the quality of finish, and the ease of manufacturing. However, its disadvantages outweigh its advantages!

Low profile carbon fibre swim ladder, superyacht

Naturally stainless steel is a heavy material, let alone when fabricated into a ladder with solid teak steps and then semi-submerged into the water. Not mentioning the calcium build-up that occurs when submerged for long periods of time.

Furthermore, to keep that mirror polished finish requires hours of maintenance by the deck crew with yet another product to keep polished and waxed.

Compact carbon fibre swim ladder

Carbon fibre swim ladders offer a significant number of advantages. They are often overlooked due to their price point, yet they are extremely cost effective due to the little-to-no maintenance required in keeping them looking brand new, their weight savings and the variety of finishes on offer.



Superyacht carbon fibre swim ladder

Weight is not necessarily the major factor on superyachts (unless it's a sailing yacht and it's used for racing!)

However, when the deck crew are setting up for the guests at a new anchorage and they have got all the tenders and toys out using the cranes onboard, the last piece to the puzzle is the swim ladder. In most circumstances, a swim ladder cannot be installed with a crane and with a stainless steel version, they can weigh up to 50kg!

Superyacht carbon fibre swim ladder

Replacing the stainless steel ladder for our carbon fibre swim ladders will reduce your set up time and reduce crew fatigue. With the largest carbon fibre swim ladder in our range weighing only 14kg, it can easily be installed by one crew member.


There's no doubt about it that the visible carbon fibre weave

looks exquisite!

Superyacht compact carbon fibre swim ladder handle hoop

We offer several finishing options for our carbon fibre swim ladders such as clear coating in either gloss, satin or a colour tint. The main advantage of colour tinting is that you can choose the desired colour whilst still retaining the visible carbon fibre weave.

Or if you're after a more subtle finish, we offer a bespoke painting service. We can paint your carbon fibre swim ladder in any RAL colour so it matches the paint scheme onboard. Close up, you won't notice the difference between a carbon fibre swim ladder and a stainless steel version, until you pick it up!



 thumbscrew system - superyacht carbon fibre swim ladder

So, after reading this article, you're now seriously thinking about replacing your stainless steel swim ladder with our carbon fibre swim ladder, but we hear you ask "Will I have to change the deck sockets onboard?" Good news! You won't have to!

Our carbon fibre swim ladders can be designed to fit your existing deck sockets onboard, so no modifications are required. If you don't have deck sockets, we have two options available depending on your preferences (either our FastLock system or a thumbscrew bolt).

Fastlock system - carbon fibre swim ladder


Fortunately, we have this area covered! The handle hoops fold inwards, allowing the ladder to be hung on a bulkhead or internal wall, or it can be stood up, significantly reducing space. If you tend to stow your swim ladders in lockers (on tenders for example), we recommend opting for the midway hinge which reduces the length of the ladder by up to 45%!

Folding superyacht carbon fibre swim ladder


It is clear from the points above that our carbon fibre swim ladders are a viable alternative to a stainless steel ladder and one that should not be looked down upon when considering upgrading your current setup. If you would like to know more or discuss further about upgrading your current setup to a carbon fibre swim ladder, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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