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The Ultimate Guide to Fender Hooks: From Templating to Delivery

The Ultimate Guide To Fender Hooks

Fender Hooks are a staple product in any superyacht mooring setup however, with almost every superyacht design being unique, there is no one-size fits all solution. Therefore accurate templates must be produced to ensure perfect fitment every time. We'll investigate the templating procedure and how the finished product will fit and look.

"Fender Hooks offer protection against fender line chafe during mooring operations"

Fender Hooks

Fender Hooks are primarily used to safely secure your inflatable fenders to your bulwarks or capping rails during mooring operations, whilst also offering protection against fender line chafe. They're available in several different configurations depending on your requirements and can vary hugely in size.


So you've decided that you need Fender Hooks onboard but before templating can commence, a decision needs to be made on the Fender Hook positions. This is critical point in the process because the bulwarks or capping rails frequently change in dimensions throughout the length of the topsides. If you have a fender position that is used infrequently, we still recommend ordering a fender hook to fit that position in case you need it.

"Let us know whether you'd like us to visit you onboard to template or if you'll template yourself"


Once you have chosen each Fender Hook position, let us know whether you'd like us to visit you onboard to template or you'll template yourself . If time is not on your side, we recommend opting for our team to visit as we can conduct the templating whilst you focus on other tasks onboard.

Fender Hook Templating
"Place your cardboard template onto your capping rail or bulwark and check for fitment"


If you've opted to template yourself, we suggest using a lightweight piece of aluminium wire (such as welding rods) to carefully bend around the bulwark or cap rail, use pliers to help bend around any curves in the bulwark or capping rail. Be careful not to bend the wire on the surface itself as this might damage your paint or varnish. If you're happy with the shape and the fitment of your now fitted wire, draw round the wire onto a piece of thick cardboard and cut out the inner section of the shape. Place your cardboard template onto your cap rail or bulwark and check for fitment. If your satisfied that your template fits well, take some photos of its fitment so it can be checked by our team.


If we're happy with the photos and fitment of the templates, we'll ask you to send the physical templates to us. Upon receipt of the templates, we'll confirm the lead time with you and start production. Prior to delivery, they'll be checked by our quality control department for any defects and they will be carefully packed to prevent damage during transit.

"Future proofing your mooring operations and further preventing fender line chafe"


Your new Fender Hooks that you've ordered will fit your bulwark or capping rail just as your cardboard template did, future proofing your mooring operations and further preventing fender line chafe.

Fitted Fender Hooks


If you'd like to upgrade your mooring setup and include our leather Fender Hooks or you need a new set, feel free to reach out to us via:

Tel: +44 (0) 7399 894622


“From the beginning, Adam has been a great help and an excellent communicator. He was very quick to reply and always updated us with manufacturing and delivery expectations. We had some new fender hooks made, which we received clear instructions of how to make and send templates.

After sending off the templates, we received lots of updates regarding the manufacturing process and that was really appreciated due to our deadline. The fender hooks that we received are very well made, excellent quality and fit in perfectly with our existing fender hooks.

I would highly recommend Adam and his team at Polaris Yacht Supply.”

Bosun, MY Myko

47m San Lorenzo

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