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MY Ahpo Inflatable Fender

Superyacht Inflatable Fenders have come a long way in the last decade with a myriad of shapes, sizes and materials to choose from like Hypalon, HDPVC or Polyurethane which often becomes difficult to decide which Inflatable Fenders are right for you. This article will highlight some key areas of consideration when choosing which Inflatable Fenders are right for you.


With an increase in yachts cruising off the beaten track to lesser-known superyacht destinations, many ports don't have superyacht ready marinas and so sometimes the only option available is a rugged commercial dock. This is well worth knowing as some materials perform better than others in these environments and can impact the longevity and performance of the actual fender itself.


With three different materials to choose from, durability is a contributing factor when it comes to choosing which Inflatable Fender is right for you. However, with durability comes an increase in price so it's well worth noting whether you are looking for the most cost effective or the most durable Inflatable Fender.


Are you looking to use Fender Covers with your Inflatable Fenders? If so, you could choose a more cost-effective material and opt for a more durable Fender Cover like our Acrylic covers which might work out most cost- effective at the time of purchase and if/ when the Fender Cover or Inflatable Fender needs replacing.

MY Bystander alongside in St Tropez with HDPVC Inflatable Fenders in use


Whether you are looking for the most cost-effective Inflatable Fender or the size that best suits your requirements, cost certainly should be considered. Especially if further down the line the inflatable fender needs to be replaced.


Are you looking for an Inflatable Fender that will match the colour of your fender covers or are you not fussed? Quite often yachts choose black as the colour is the most commonly manufactured and so replacements can be simple even if they are not a matching size. However, it is well worth asking us what colours are available for each material as they do vary massively.

MY Dilbar inflatable fenders


When you have an idea on how you want your new Inflatable Fenders to perform, get in touch with us. We have a vast range of Inflatable Fenders available from the leading industry manufacturers at the best prices. We will provide you with several options for you to choose from, that way you can make the decision on which is best for you operationally, financially or both.

Any guidance, advice, recommendations, suggestions in this article are from Polaris Yacht Supply Ltd. Polaris Yacht Supply Ltd cannot be held liable for any damages caused by, using or interpreting any information written in this article.



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