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With the season well underway, we have gathered together a short list from our range of products of our 5 Must Have Deck Products For This Season. The list covers all areas of our range from Fender Covers to Deck Procurement products based off either the most popular products that our clients have requested and/ or ordered or new innovative products which every yacht should have.



The safest and most secure way of launching or recovering your jet ski.

Our jet ski lifting kit ranks No.1 in the 5 Must Have Deck Products For This Season because it simply is the easiest and safest way to launch and recover your jet ski's! Connecting the lifting straps couldn't be easier with an easy to use quick release system. The lifting straps are also fully adjustable allowing you to adjust them to your desired height so you can squeeze the jet ski into the tightest of lazarettes or garages.

Our lifting kits are compatible with all major jet ski manufacturers including the ever popular Seadoo and Yamaha jet skis. They can also be retrofitted onboard by crew.

With a single point attachment for your crane hook and a SWL (safe working load) of 700kg, you can be sure that our jet ski lifting kit will perform like no other!



When it comes to the guest set-up, timing is everything!

Our super light-weight compact carbon swim ladders weigh just 10kg and are easily installed with our unique Fast Lock system, allowing you to spend more time on other key areas onboard.

We know storage onboard for swim ladders can be limited, that's why our compact carbon swim ladders have folding handles as standard to reduce the space they take up. An optional mid-way hinge can further reduce the storage space if required.

There is simply no better way to access the water than climbing down the steps of our compact carbon swim ladders!



The next-gen fender cover!

At 3rd place on our list is the maxiStow neoprene fender cover. Manufactured in the UK and available worldwide for superyachts, the maxiStow neoprene fender covers offer a smooth finish and provides a snug fit to your inflatable fenders.

Woven from the same material as wetsuits, neoprene fender covers really do change the game! The key advantage of these fender covers over the wool style fender covers is that they do not trap grit or salt crystals within its weave which is the most common cause fender chafe.

We can even offer a personal touch to your neoprene fender covers with printing available on each cover for your yachts name and/ or logo.



Changing the washdown game, one drop at a time!

With recent advances in water purification onboard, this pure water system from Baudoin will transform the way you wash your yacht. Pure water had no impurities in it whatsoever, offering a streak free and watermark free finish with no drying required!

The Baudoin Aqua Force Compact 900 + Buffer Tank is the perfect solution for washdowns with its own separate water tank capable of storing and producing 900L of pure water an hour and even includes a built-in deck wash pump producing up to 8 bar of water pressure.

Whilst the Aqua Force Compact 900 is the most advanced in their range and is ideally suited for new build yachts or yachts who are in/ going into refit, we can offer a smaller more portable option which is the Aqua Force Smart 200. Even though it is the smallest in Baudoin's offering, it still produce 180L of pure water per hour and is portable with two rear wheels.

The whole range of pure water systems are available to purchase through us at unmissable prices!



The original superyacht tender mooring whip.

Last but not least in our list is our Tender Mooring Whips which are first in their class when it comes to performance and reliability! It's why superyachts worldwide use our Tender Mooring Whips on a daily basis. We offer two sizes in our range (4.2m & 4.8m) which are suitable for all sizes of superyacht tender and chase boats as well as jet skis!

With a simple to use yet very effective whip line system, alongside a glass fibre structural layup, our tender whips will flex and work once secured.

In order to get the most of out of your tender whips, we do recommend that the tender or jet ski is secured with bow and stern springs, to prevent surging.

Simply send through the length and beam of your tender and we will get a quote and a lead time over to you asap!



Interested in what we have to offer?

Drop us an email or message us on WhatsApp and we will get back to you asap!



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