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jet ski lifting kit

Jet skis are common place onboard many superyachts and smaller yachts. Guests love them due to their fast, fun nature that can be had in a relatively small, easy to operate package. The risks involved with operating jet skis from superyachts have greatly increased as jet skis have got faster, larger and heavier with some pushing the 500kg boundary. Storage onboard is relatively simple with several manufacturers and shipyards offering a storage solution. However, launching and recovery for jet skis is often overlooked with many crews still using unsafe methods. We have the solution with our safe, efficient, secure Jet Ski Lifting Kit.


Our Jet Ski Lifting Kits have been designed and developed here in the UK for the sole purpose of lifting and lowering your jet ski in the safest and most efficient manner. Each Jet Ski Lifting Kit is designed for the make and model of your jet ski, utilising a quick release system that can be operated easily from on or off the jet ski. With four adjustable webbing straps, you can easily adjust the straps to suit your requirements and ceiling height to ensure the jet ski fits in your tender garage or lazarette. However, please note that our Jet Ski Lifting Kits are not certified for Man-Riding.

superyacht jet ski lifting kit


Our Jet Ski Lifting Kit offers several advantages over their less secure and safe alternatives. With fittings specially designed for the purpose of lifting jet skis utilising their strong points within the hull structure. Why would you look anywhere else?

  • Single point attachment

  • SWL (Safe Working Load) of 700kg

  • 316L Stainless steel fittings

  • Retrofitting available for crew onboard

  • All components included such as drill bits and installation guide.

  • 4-point lift

  • Certified to EU safety standard EN 1492-1:2000+A:2008

jet ski lifting kit, quick connections


Each Jet Ski Lifting Kit comes with a comprehensive installation guide along with all the components you need so you can easily install the Jet Ski Lifting Kit yourself onboard.

Drill bag

  • x1 Template plug

  • x1 3mm, 6mm & 22mm drill bits

Fixing Bag

  • x10 Nuts

  • x10 Bolts

  • x10 Anti-vibration washers + x2 spares.

  • Fitting template

Attachment Brackets

  • x2 Left hand brackets

  • x2 Right hand brackets

  • x4 Backing plates

  • x1 Adjustable sling

  • x1 Storage bag

  • Instructions

jet ski lifting kit in use


If you would like our Jet Ski Lifting Kit for your jet ski, please contact us with the make, model and year of your jet ski so we can get back to you with an accurate quote and lead time.

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