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The RACLAN box has been designed specifically for the superyacht industry.

The RACLAN box is an active safety box for the safe charging and storage of lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly found in water toys onboard. ​

The RACLAN box is fabricated from a high-tech composite material that is both waterproof, fire proof and explosion proof. The box is designed to store and charge batteries up to 3.5kWh.

Simply plug the box into your standard wall socket, place your battery inside and plug into the existing power supply located inside the box. Internally, the box incorporates an integrated hydrofluoric acid (HF) filter as well as 11 litres of extinguishing agent, should your battery enter thermal runaway whilst stored inside. 

RACLAN Box | Polaris Yacht Supply

Technical Specification


Length: 580mm

Width: 580mm

Height: 230mm


Length: 540mm

Width: 540mm

Height: 230mm

Battery Capacity: 3.5kwH

RACLAN Box Open | Polaris Yacht Supply


  • Integrated tank with 11L of fire extinguishing agent.

  • Integrated exhaust for Hydrofluoric acid (HF) filter.

  • Audible alarm function

  • Emergency power supply

  • Non-flammable case

  • All contents contained within RACLAN box.


  • DMT TUV Nord Certified.

  • Meets the requirements of #4 MGN 681 (M).

  • Approved for permanent use on ships.

  • Stackable.

  • Designed with support from Aerofoils.

  • Eco-friendly extinguishing agent.

RACLAN RAMBBS 500 | Polaris Yacht Supply
Thermal Runaway Li-ion Battery | Polaris Yacht Supply

Lithium-ion Battery Risks?

Volatile under stress:

Caused by damage, misuse or incorrect charging.

Thermal runaway:

Occurs when a chemical process within the Li-ion battery produces heat and flammable toxic gasses extremely quickly. Often happens before any flame appears.

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