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Firefighting Equipment | Polaris Yacht Supply


Fire Fighting Equipment is a small investment for a safer future.

We offer a comprehensive range of the latest Fire Fighting Equipment for superyachts, that is designed to your maximise protection whilst minimising loss of life, injury and damage to your superyacht, your guests and your crew. 

Our comprehensive range covers all areas for Fire Fighting onboard from hoses and nozzles to SOLAS/MED approved Fire Fighting suits, Breathing Apparatus, Lithium-ion fire extinguishers more. 

With several superyachts lost each year due to fires onboard, we strongly recommend keeping your Fire Fighting Equipment up to date because you never know when you might rely on it!

Firefighting Equipment | Polaris Yacht Supply
Firefighting Equipment | Polaris Yacht Supply


Drager PSS 7000 Fire Fighting Equipment | Polaris Yacht Supply

Breathing Apparatus

We have the full range of Drager SCBA available from the PSS4000 to the PSS7000.

Fire Fighting Suit | Polaris Yacht Supply

Fire Fighting

Quality Fire Fighting Suits for marine conditions and structural firefighting.SOLAS/ MED Approved. 

Breathing Apparatus Face Masks

The Drager FPS 7000 is the ultimate in personal protection, comfort and safety. 

Drager FPS 7000 Face Mask | Polaris Yacht Supply

Fire Fighting

The full Drager range including the advanced HPS 6200 which is EN 14458 approved.

Drager HPS 6200 | Polaris Yacht Supply
Drager FPS 5000 Communications Mask | Polaris Yacht Supply

Fire Fighting

The Drager FPS-COM 500 is a specially designed comms unit to fit the FPS 7000, offering excellent communication.

Fire Fighting Torch | Polaris Yacht Supply

ATEX Fire Fighting

The full Wolf Safety and LED Lenser range for fire fighters. All ATEX approved 

Fire Hoses & 

We offer the Delta Fire attack series (100C, 500C & 750C). A high performance constant flow nozzle that is 30% lighter than others.

Fire Escape

The full range of Drager Fire Escape Hoods available from the Parat 3100 to the Parat 5500. 

Drager Saver CF10 | Polaris Yacht Supply
Drager Compressed Air Cylinder | Polaris Yacht Supply

Compressed Air

Both styles of Drager Air Cylinders offered, the composite version and the carbon version with a capacity up to 8 litres at 300 bar.

"Supplied Empty".

Lith-ion AVD Fire Extinguishers | Polaris Yacht Supply

Fire Extinguishers

AVD Fire Extinguishers are designed to extinguish Lithium-ion battery fires fast.Capacity up to 750Wh.

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