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 Our Tender Tow Lines and Bridles are manufactured in the UK to suit your tenders specifications and are available worldwide. 

With our industry experience from working onboard superyachts, alongside our network of trusted suppliers, we can supply you with either a replacement/ new tow bridle, tow line or a complete tow bridle set up. Every towing bridle and tow line is woven from premium rope with high quality protected splicing and Tylaska Shackles. 

Whether it is for a newly purchased tender or for your existing tender and replacing your worn towing set up, no project is too big for us!


Looking for new Tender Tow Line? 

Superyacht Tender Towing
Superyacht Tender Towing

Or would you like to upgrade your current setup?

Brands we supply:

  • Gleistein

  • Kingfisher

  • Marlow

  • Folch

  • Gottifredi Maffioli

Superyacht Tender -Tow Pro.jpg


The new standard in superyacht tender monitoring and protection. 
TowPro is the latest state of the art technology that is recommended by yacht insurers when towing superyacht tenders, day or night.

By using TowPro on the bridge of your yacht, the location of your superyacht tender as well as key safety data can now be monitored via a private and secure network. 

With TowPro you can remotely monitor your tender whether its being towed or simply alongside, alerting you to issues onboard before loss or damage occurs. 


Why risk towing your tender without 24/7 monitoring?

Superyacht Tender Towing
Superyacht Tender Towing


TowPro connected screen

Towing mode and Monitoring mode

  • Crew can set TowPro to give instant alerts when safety data exceeds acceptable parameters.

  • Offers 24/7 monitoring when you may not be able to visibly check or see the tender. 


TowPro protection

Tracking your tender once it is adrift is too late.
TowPro helps avoid this as it constantly monitors several key indicators, live streaming them to the display on your bridge. 

TowPro protects you throughout the tow, as well as tracking.
If you do end up losing your tow, TowPro makes you aware immediately, incorporating a world-leading tracking service, maximising the opportunity to recover the tender. 

Compliant with IMO regulation. 
TowPro makes you compliant by using the new VHF Data Exchange System (VDES), throughout the tow instead of AIS. Information about your tow is sent via VDES to your electronic chart display instantly.

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