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Superyacht supply, superyacht deck equipment.

Firstly, what is Deck Procurement? Well Deck Procurement is essentially all your consumable and non-consumable deck products such as paints, polishes, wash down equipment, power tools and anything else in between. From our time as superyacht crew, we have a thorough understanding of the deck department and deck products, having used them ourselves. With our feet firmly planted in the supply chain, we can source pretty much any deck product you require. But why would you use a superyacht supply company like us instead of sourcing each product yourself? Well, below we have outlined some key areas for you to consider.

Choose us as your superyacht deck equipment supplier


Why use tens maybe hundreds of different suppliers for your deck supply when you can just use one supplier like us at Polaris Yacht Supply? One supplier to manage and liaise with in your inbox for all your Deck Products, instead of countless emails to a multitude of suppliers, it's as simple as that!

Time management, deck procurement, polaris yacht supply, superyacht supply, deck supply


Time management onboard superyachts is essential, whether you are in refit, alongside on standby or cruising with guests onboard, time is everything! By that we mean you'll likely lack time searching for every product you need onboard, sometimes these lists can extend to 100s of different products at a time! With our global network of suppliers along with our extensive product knowledge, we can save you time by sending us the list of products you need onboard. We will then send you a quote for all the products required with their individual lead times.

You can't buy time, but you can use us at Polaris Yacht Supply to source all your deck products for you which is the same thing... right?

superyacht deck equipment supply


From our time on superyachts and ashore in the supply chain, we have gathered extensive experience and knowledge of the deck department and deck products, along with our growing network of suppliers worldwide. With this, we understand your lingo and your constraints whether it be operationally or financially. We have been in your position, looking for the product at the right price or the right specification. We'll use our knowledge and experience to offer your the best products at the best prices. If a product is out of stock or discontinued, we'll offer an alternative solution based off price, product quality or both.

It won't cost you anymore than going direct to the manufacturer!

superyacht shipping and order consolidation


When using us for your Deck Procurement, all the products you have ordered will be consolidated into one consignment with clearly labelled boxes, pallets and packing lists making your life as easy as possible! You can then easily update your inventory lists without having to go through each box or pallet once the consignment has arrived. If some products are ready to go before others arrive, we can safely store them in our secure warehouse until the whole order is ready to ship. Throughout the order process, we will keep you updated on the order and let you know when all the products have arrived and are packed up ready for delivery.

Polaris yacht supply shipping, worldwide shipping, deck supply, superyacht supply


With our network of freight forwarders and shipping agents, we can deliver worldwide. Whether you are in the USA, Europe, Middle East or further afield, no destination is too far for us! If you are concerned about importing into Europe, don't be! We have a network of suppliers based within the EU so we can ship directly to your yacht or location without you having to pay import duties. Although VAT maybe applicable in some countries, just let us know where you are when you make your enquiry.

"Thank you to Adam and the team at Polaris Yacht Supply for their outstanding service. They were quick and efficient with all our requests and sourced everything we needed!"

Chief Officer, MY Constance

Any guidance, advice, recommendations, suggestions in this article are from Polaris Yacht Supply Ltd. Polaris Yacht Supply Ltd cannot be held liable for any damages caused by, using or interpreting any information written in this article.



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