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 With a network of global premium rope manufacturers, we can offer you the best mooring line based off your budget and/ or requirements.  

Our industry experience from working onboard superyachts and within the supply chain provides us with the knowledge and expertise to offer advice on all mooring lines and tender tow lines for superyachts.

Whether it is outfitting a new build, replacing existing worn mooring lines, or expanding your selection onboard, no enquiry is too big for us!


Brands we supply:

  • Gleistein

  • Marlow

  • Folch

  • Gottifredi Maffioli

Looking for new mooring lines? 

Superyacht Mooring Lines
Superyacht mooring lines.JPG

Or would you like to upgrade your current setup?


Acrylic chafe guard


We have a variety of options available depending on your requirements for chafe protection.

From fluffy shearling to our ballistic chafe guards, we have a solution that will protect your cap rails, bulwarks and mooring lines from wear and tear. 


Protect your brightwork with our chafe guards!

megafend chafe gear.png
Superyacht chagfe guard

Suitable for all sizes of mooring line!


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