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Aluminium is an extremely versatile material that is used as a cost effective alternative to composites. Due to the harsh conditions that Polaris products are exposed to, marine grade aluminium is used. In particular, three different grades are used which can be specified to the exact application of the product., whilst extending the product's working life.

With any product that is manufactured from marine grade aluminium, all fixtures and fittings are also corrosion resistant, preventing galvanic corrosion (caused by dissimilar metals)


Types of aluminium grade and heat treatments: 

  • 5052 (H32 and H34): Excellent corrosion resistance to seawater, marine and industrial atmospheres. 

  • 5083 (H321 and H34):  Boasts exceptional performance in harsh conditions, extremely resistant to seawater environments.

  • 6061 (T651 and T6511): Highly adaptable for use in marine grade applications with high corrosion resistance. 


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